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The Problems

Problems encountered working within the Insurance/Building Industry

Travel Costs

Builders at times could be forced to travel up to 12 hours return to inspect an insurance claim.

Lack of Detail

Due to lack of detail in the claim from the insured customer the builder could take insufficent or incorrect equipment to site inspection or Makesafe. Eg: take single story ladder to a two story property.

Pollution Costs

With increased travel comes increased pollution from the motor vehicles.

Lack of Transparency

There is no trackable communication chain between the insured customer, the insurance company and the builder.

OH & S Issues

Increased risk to builders/employees/contractors with all the unnecessary travel within the building/insurance industry.

Customer Won't Download App

There is currently no incentives for customers to download an app prior to an insurance event. Competitors’ apps combined have 160 reviews on average, most of which are negative.

The Solution

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